Coaching for Retirement
Coaching you to improve your life by resolving your issues and accomplishing your goals 

and general life coaching     


Coaching client

How Does Life Coaching Work?

A Life coach inspires and motivates people to:

  • address and resolve issues
  • set and accomplish goals

The coach and the client work together. The coach guides the client by using questioning techniques to assist the client to identify and clarify issues and goals. The coach listens very carefully so that he/she can evaluate the issues and goals. The client and coach discuss the results of the evaluation and steps are taken to     resolve the issues or achieve the goals. During the coaching process the coach motivates, strategises and holds the client accountable. The coach inspires and gives confidence to the client to achieve their objective.     

Arranging Coaching Sessions 

  • Contact me - see the contact details at the bottom of this page or use schedule time for me button at the bottom right of this page. 
  • We will arrange a FREE 20-30 minute introduction to Life Coaching, including whether it is suitable for you (Skype, telephone or face to face if local) 
  • If all OK then we will arrange a FREE coaching session. 
  • I will give you a comprehensive welcome package 
  • You will complete coaching documentation and preliminary exercise 
  • We will have our first coaching session  
  • Sessions are 45 to 60 minutes 

  • Individual sessions are $50 
  • Packages can be discounted e.g. 5 x sessions $225
  • Other arrangements can be negotiated