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Mike Lacey Life Coach

I am a mature man with a successful and enjoyable career background in people management and mentoring. I have experienced some of life's tragedies and triumphs. I have had trials and tribulations, yet feel comfortable and happy. I have a fulfilled life and know where I am heading and am excited and looking forward to it. I am a certified Life Coach.                                                

I enjoy coaching and am keen to share my knowledge and experience to help you enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

Some of the values I coach by are enthusiasm, fun, helpfulness, compassion, empowerment, honesty, integrity, collaboration and growth.

My coaching philosophies are centred on establishing rapport, learning about the client, putting the client first, motivation, inspiration, encouraging self belief, self discovery and accountability.

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I’ve known (and respected) Mike for over thirty years, from when he was employed on the executive team at the Herbert River Canegrowers and I was that organisation’s local insurance manager. Eventually we both moved to Cairns and I’d bump into Mike occasionally at business or community functions but more often than not I’d read about Mike in the papers in his role as the regional general manager for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

In that capacity Mike not only brought a greater community focus on the RFDS but in my view, he contributed so much to that organisation’s development and service initiatives throughout Far North Queensland. I keep telling him that he needs to write that book!

By coincidence, all these years later, Mike and I live in the same beautiful part of Far North Queensland in Redlynch Valley. Saturday morning will often see us having a chat over my front garden fence as Mike helpfully (and with great tact) will point out a weed or two that I have missed!

A life coach should be a good listener and Mike is great at that. A life coach should, I think, allow you to look at yourself, where you’re going in life and maybe some options on how to get there. And like the best coaches in sport or business, it’s left up to you to make those choices, with Mike at your side if that’s what you need. Mike quietly weaves in life circumstances and shared experiences as naturally as drinking a glass of water. I sometimes think I’m getting free support over our weekend garden chats. There’s more than just weeds in the garden that he’s helped me to eradicate.

John Devaney

Redlynch Valley

June 2017