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Why You Need Coaching For Retirement 

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Changing Characteristics of Retirement 

During my research I found that retirement is changing and that the tradition of retiring at 65 and slowly easing into old age is no longer the norm. Many people want to and are capable of having a much more active, exciting and fulfilling "retirement". I found this stage is often referred to as the Third Age. It is also thought to be a time of Regeneration. Learn more about Third Age and Regeneration on the next two pages. 

Why Would You Want to be Coached for Retirement?

Many people have not adequately planned for or are not living a sustainable, comfortable and fulfilling retirement. They may need assistance to determine how to live a better life. Coaching helps to empower people to lead a comfortable and fulfilling retirement. It is not only a great benefit to the person being coached but also to their family, loved ones, friends and the general community. It helps people resolve issues and set realistic goals and plans for the future and realise their dreams. Coaching also helps people:

  • Focus on issues and goals
  • Increase self confidence
  • Improve self awareness
  • Strengthen motivation
  • Deal with stress, anxiety and depression
  • Adjust to and adopt a new stage of life

Why Are People Not Enjoying Retirement?

  • Do not have set plans or goals 
  • Are financially insecure
  • Are lonely 
  • Are bored
  • Have health issues
  • Have general anxiety
  • Are confused and stressed
  • Are depressed
  • Have limiting beliefs thinking that retirement means old age and decrepitude
  • Have relationship problems with spouse/partner and family
  • Are disorganised
  • Are not stimulated or challenged
  • Are afraid of dying 
  • Are unable to see and take advantage of opportunities

What Will You Gain By Using My Services?

  • You will learn from my own experience and knowledge and observations about retirement 
  • You will benefit from my strong values of compassion, enthusiasm, fun, authenticity, collaboration, confidence, empowerment, growth, helpfulness, honesty, humour, passion, respect, trust and understanding.
  • You will be coached from my philosophies which are centred on learning about the client, putting the client first, establishing good rapport, motivation, encouragement, self belief, self discovery and accountability.   
  • You will be assisted with passion and enthusiasm to attain a happy and fulfilling retirement.
  • You will regenerate your life!