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"Ageing is not 'lost youth' but a new stage of opportunity and strength"

Betty Friedan

What is the Third Age? 

The Oxford Dictionary defines the Third Age as: The period of life in active retirement following middle age.

People are living longer and are still healthy, active, energetic and mentally agile at

a much later date than in the past. This extension of longevity which could be another

thirty years or more has become recognised as a distinct stage of life and is often described as the Third Age.

  • The First Age being birth to early independence
  • The Second Age is having family, developing careers and businesses, establishing security in life
  • The Third Age a time of fulfilment

Peter Lazlett in his book A Fresh Map of Life declares:  "The crown of life, the time of personal self realisation and fulfilment, comes after our children have left us and after we have given up our jobs so as to enter what is now called the Third Age.

My interpretation is that Third Age is now a more accurate description of the time we traditionally called retirement. Traditionally retirement was taken to be a time when a person finished their working career and settled down to a quiet life. Activities were generally sedate e.g. lawn bowls and maybe some golf and some travel to visit family and friends. In recent years there have been many changes, some people are retiring at a younger age, people are taking on more adventurous activities and some people have embarked on a new career or business. So instead of retiring in the traditional way people they are experiencing the Third Age.   

My research has revealed that many people are not finding ways to overcome the challenges or taking advantage of all the opportunities available in the Third Age. 

I do believe that I have the knowledge and ability to assist people enjoy a fulfilling Third Age. In particular this can be done by Regeneration. See my next page about Regeneration.